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A Time to Fast

by on Aug.08, 2011, under Announcements, Prayer Requests

A day for prayer and fasting. Isaiah 58

In consideration of the current state of our world, the injustice and oppression of every sort that keeps people chained in darkness and unable to come to the light of God’s truth, we are going to be fasting together on August 9, 2011 to ask for God’s help. We will pray that God will shed his light on those who are stumbling, doubting, or fearful that they may gain discernment, courage, and wisdom to walk that narrow path leading to  eternal life. We will ask that God will remove any willful blindness and to enable us to walk a straight path in an increasingly corrupt society.

National leaders worldwide are facing monumental challenges and are having to make decisions now that will impact our lives for decades to come. We will pray for God’s mercy on us all so that we may continue to have the freedoms we now enjoy: freedom to preach the truth without reservation, to travel, to associate with other believers, to worship God as we are commanded in scripture, and freedom of conscience.

We would welcome anyone who would like to set aside this day to pray and fast with us. We know of many brethren facing personal trials. These may be tests of character, financial troubles, ill health, discouragement, or loneliness. Accordingly, this will be a special time for us to pray for each other asking God to meet our every need and to comfort the faint of heart. We know that God hears our prayers for others and that the fervent, effectual prayers of a righteous people are precious in God’s eyes.

Jesus Christ is building His spiritual temple, His Church! And we, brethren, are called to be co-workers with Him, labouring as it were to spiritually “build up the walls of Jerusalem,” which is the city of the King of kings and Lord of lords. Like Nehemiah and Ezra we recognize that we absolutely need God’s sustenance and encouragement to make any progress in the face of opposition and setbacks. If we are to continue to be “the restorers of paths to dwell in,” faithful teachers of the truth of scripture, and doers of the word of God and not just forgetful hearers, then we need the continued presence of His Helper to work peacefully and productively with others of a like mind who are similarly engaged in building up Jerusalem’s walls.  This is a time of uncertainty. It is also a time when evil men are waxing worse. So to meet these challenges we need our faith to wax stronger in order that we may be alert and ready to come to each other’s aid as the need arises, just as in the times of Nehemiah.  We need God’s protection against the adversary who is attacking us, who is seeking to overwhelm us and dismantle what has already been built.

The work that God sets before us, to teach all nations and be a light of his Way, is our mission in life. It is an awesome calling, a profession that fully engages our heart and mind. Yet we see how great the task is and how insufficient we are of ourselves. We will pray together for God’s merciful hand in guiding us to serve Him in teaching our generation His instructions for living and preaching God’s good news, in the most effective manner with the talents and resources he has given us.
With love,
Your family in the faith at Cogwebcast

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